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ASK HR offers the following services:

People Development

Ask HR uses its experience from different industries and organizations to partner with organizations in different aspects of people development which includes

Creating a training strategy and plan aligned to the organizations needs

An effective training strategy is vital for the success of an organization. Developing a strategy for training gives the organization a competitive advantage and helps propel it into the future. In a world which has so many alternatives a sound training strategy helps the organization to use its money and employee time wisely.

Training Needs Identification and Analysis

A training need identification and analysis ensures training addresses the business needs, the required competencies and is imparted to the right people. It speeds up the transition of adopting change, reduces the risk, and ensures positive impact on the business by ensuring that people are equipped for the change.

Design and execution of customized training programs:

  • Managerial competencies
  • Supervisory competencies
  • Behavioral competencies.
  • Customized training based on organizations need.

Career Coaching and Mentoring

Ask HR does coaching and mentoring in the areas of career growth and career transition. A  coach helps to identify and prioritise improvement areas, break down  end goal into smaller goals, and work with the employee  to shape and grow the mindset.  Career mentors  help individuals  understand themselves better,  and equip them with the skills to handle future challenges and situations. They  point their mentee in the right direction, and aid their career development. 

Creating Competency Framework

ASK HR carries out technical / behavioral / functional /managerial competency mapping which involves:

Identifying the critical competencies of an organization for various organizational roles.

Creating a competency dictionary for each function / discipline.

Creating a competency map for each unique position within the function.

The methodology used is simple and effective by which position holders understand the competencies required for their role and how those competencies are to be demonstrated in their work life. This supports the organizations while taking decisions for person-role fitment, employee promotion, employee development, succession planning etc.


SME (Small-Medium Enterprise) play a significant role in India’s economic progress. According to the estimates of the Ministry of SMEs, the sector contributes around 40% of the manufacturing output, accounts for over 8% of the national GDP, and creates more job opportunities both in rural and urban parts of the country. 
According to a survey by CII 20% of medium and 80% of small-sized businesses have no HR departments. SMEs mostly work on a tight budget and focus more on the growth and scale aspects. Ask HR provides the knowhow and the expertise to set up and manage the HR function of the SME which will help them to enhance their productivity and be competitive.

Emotional Wellness – Workshops and Coaching​

Working on our emotional health is just as important as taking care of our physical well-being. It can help you realize your full potential. Through short workshops and through  individual  coaching  ASK HR builds emotional wellness which results in :

Resilience to Stress and Better Health

Deeper Relationships.

Higher Self-Esteem.

More Mental Energy & Focus.

Better Productivity

More Success

Resilience, better health, better self esteem, more mental energy all these result in sustained working towards your goals, better productivity and more success in your chosen field.

What also supports Emotional and Mental Wellness are Bach Flower Remedies ( BFR) which are made from flowers. They were discovered  in England by Dr Edward Bach who was a physician between 1920-1937 . They are natural, safe and imported from UK. Bach Flower Remedies are used since more than 80 years across more than 40 countries globally.

OD Solutions

Ask HR‘s OD solutions includes customized interventions which lead to development of people, organizational processes and systems. These interventions include.

Carrying out diagnostic studies.

Building collaboration within team/between teams for finding solutions to organizational challenges.

Increasing employee involvement and the sense of ownership to contribute more effectively.

Creating an solution centered climate where challenges are discussed and action paths are created.

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Ashwini Gajanan Padalkar has more than 20 years experience in medium and large organizations , academics and practice. Ashwini has worked with various Indian and Multinational organizations spanning diverse industries including information technology, oil and gas, engineering, pharmaceutical, insurance and manufacturing.
Ashwini has worked in human resources in various roles  for various companies in multi-location and multi-cultural teams. She completed her Masters degree in Economics which was followed by a Masters in Human Resources. Ashwini has been a visiting faculty at Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies and is certified in Competency Mapping  and Coaching.  She is certified in 15 FQ a personality based assessment tool, REBT ( Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy ) and  Floral Remedies  (BFR – Bach Flower Remedies ) for mental and emotional wellbeing  from Bach Centre UK.